The Secret to Beautiful Eyebrows

Well-shaped and neatly kept eyebrows enhance the beauty of your eyes and your entire face. Beautiful eyebrows that you see on celebrities the result of two primary eyebrow needs:  shaping and filling-in the eyebrows. This requires hair removal and makeup. There are various hair removal techniques and makeup products that can actually transform your eyebrows to make you look your best.

How to Groom Naturally Beautiful Eyebrows?
For naturally beautiful eyebrows which imply shapely and well-filled eyebrows, you would need an eyebrow brush to perfectly place every brow hair into place. Comb the hair upwards and outwards to get a wide-eyed look. Finally, you can keep the eyebrows inplace by applying some clear eyebrow gel or wax on them.

How to Groom Thick and Unruly Eyebrows?
If your eyebrows are thick, bushy and growing out of proportion with your eyes, you need to trim them.. Below are various options available for grooming overgrown eyebrows:

  • Threading
  • Plucking
  • Waxing

Trimming hair will cause hair to grow back darker and fuller, therefore, plucking or waxing is the preferred hair removal technique.

How to Groom Scanty Eyebrows?
Sparce or scantyeyebrows can be filled-in with the help of makeup. Eyebrow powder, pencil, or corrector can be used to make eyebrows sharper, darker, and fuller. The following techniques can be used each of the above makeup products:

  • Eyebrow powder: Use an angled eye shadow brush to smooth in an even color into your brows. Make sure to use a powder that is close to the shade of your hair color. Focus on the bottom line of the eyebrow which makes the biggest statement.
  • Eyebrow pencil: Lightly fill in the brows with a pencil colored close to your hair color. Make sure to buff out the color with an eyebrow brush to maintain a natural look.
  • Eyebrow corrector: Use an angled eyebrow/eye liner brush to lightly apply corrector through your brows. As with an eyebrow pencil, smooth out your color with an eyebrow brush to keep your brows naturally beautiful.

Quick Shaping Tips for Beautiful Eyebrows

  • Ensure that the curve and length of your eyebrows are in alignment with your eyes, as well as, matching your style and attitude.
  • Do not over-pluck, thread or wax your eyebrows, as it can take a long time to grow brow hairs back.
  • Always pluck in the direction of the hairs and startfrom the bottom.
  • Use astringent atthe beginning and end of any hair removing procedure to disinfect the area.
  • You can apply eyebrow powder over your eyebrows before the threading technique for lesser pain, redness or swelling.
  • Do not over-emphasize your eyebrows through makeup or hair-removal techniques. Look chic and naturally beautiful only requires keeping your eyebrows simple, clean and neat.

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