Natural Tips for a Fair Skin in summer

The summer is the time for everyone to get their tan on. However, for women with fair skin, the summer is a time that steps for extra care need to be taken every day.  Fair skin tends to be quite sensitive to the sun The summer sun can bring out freckles, sun spots, and sun burn that give you an uneven skin tone.

So, here are some natural tips that help you stay fairly even despite the summer sun.

  • Cucumber is excellent for soothing burned or dehydrated skin. Cucumber naturally calms and revitalizes skin. Reducing swelling of the eyes is another beauty benefit of cucumber. Apply cucumber to your face or incorporating it into your diet can provide you with these benefits.
  • Lemon can work skin miracles in the summertime. Lemon juice brighten and smooth your skin, erasing or lightening any unwanted freckles, sunspots, burns, and even blackheads. Squeeze some lemon juice into a cotton ball and rub your face in a circular motion. If you want some extra cleansing or exfoliation, add some sugar to your cotton ball. Rinse away the sugar and juice, and say hello to even, baby soft skin.
  • Oatmeal is another natural wonder for skin. Just like lemon, oats can be an excellent cleanser and exfoliant. Oats also have calming and soothing benefits that alleviate many skin irritations that come along with summertime. Mix oats with a plain yogurt or a mixture of milk and honey and soak in those benefits.
  • One easy way to keep your skin beautiful in the summer is to drink lots of water. Staying hydrated won’t only keep you feeling better, it will give your skin a healthy, beautiful glow. Drink up the benefits with 8 cups a day or more.

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  1. Useful and easy to follow tips-will try them. Thanks!!