Tips to Add Life to Limp Hair

Nowadays, there are treatments to overcome limp, lifeless hair, many of which give a boost to your hair and make it appear luscious and voluminous. Here are some great ways to attain bouncy, healthy looking hair for yourself:

  • Crack open a beer and massage  it into your scalp after just washing your  hair will help boost limp strands and add some volume in the process.
  • If you use a cream-based shampoo, try switching to a gel-based one. Better still, opt for a brand that is specially designed for thin, limp hair.
  • Avoid touching and stroking your hair too much as the heat from your hand will make it damp and limp.
  • While coloring your hair, ask your hair dresser to mix highlights and lowlights in 3-4 shades to create depth and texture. Get the haircut in layers to give the hair more volume.
  • After conditioning, for the final rinse, pour 1 mug of tea liquor made with 2 tea bags made with 5 drops of tea tree oil and 5 drops of peppermint oil to give volume and shine. The peppermint has the added bonus of being a mood lifter as well!
  • When you blow-dry your hair, use the lowest temperature setting possible and a large, vented, round brush. Bend over so your hair hangs towards the floor and dry the roots first, pulling hair away from the roots. A little mousse or hairspray applied to the roots can also give your hair more lift.
  • Avoid all products containing silicone, oils or lanolin, as well as two-in-one products, heavy gels and pomades. Spray-on shine products work well, but remember, less is more.

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