Dos and Don’ts of Perming

Permanent waves have changed drastically in my lifetime.  Today, hair treatments like perms are designed specifically for an active, on-the-go lifestyle.  There really is a customized style for every person, regardless of the condition, texture and style of the hair.  Styles are created to reflect not only the beauty of your particular hairstyle, but also to fit in with your busy lifestyle as well.

As the name suggests, a “perm” creates a permanent curl, or wave, in the hair by chemically treating the individual strands of hair.  The curl will relax a bit as you go about your daily routine of styling and washing, but the overall look remains the same from one day to the next.  As hair grows out, you’ll notice the roots retain their natural habits, and will be free from curl.  Like any chemical dependency facilitated by your hairstylist, regular touch-ups are a must.  Or you can choose to cut your hair short to remove the curl.

How long does a perm take?

If you would like to achieve the pretty, curly look of a perm, make sure to set aside some time for the process.  From start to finish, expect to spend a minimum of two and a half hours at the salon, longer if you have an especially attentive and chatty stylist like I do. The longest, most labor-intensive part of the process involves wrapping locks of hair around the curling rods.  Since this part of the perm is the most important step, it can take an hour to complete the whole head – be patient with your stylist, and help them out by handing them rods, wrapping papers, or anything that will make their job easier.

Haircut before or after perm?

Many choose to get more out of their salon visit by adding a haircut into the process.  Deciding to cut the hair before, or after, the perm is something to discuss with your stylist.  A style can look drastically different before and after your hair’s been permed, so always ask a professional first, they’ve experienced all sorts of successes and mishaps which makes their insight invaluable.

Does a perm suit naturally curly hair?

It is actually quite common to see people with naturally curly hair getting a perm or other chemical treatment.  The motivations are as diverse as the people, but common reasons include a desire to tame wild hair, train the curl into a more pleasing pattern, as well as calming especially curly hair which is possible by using larger rods than the hair’s natural curl.

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  1. it took 6 hours to get my perm done, my stylist didnt even stop to take a break, and she had help with rolling my hair which took 4 hours. my hair isnt super long or anything