Make-up Removal Tips

Once upon a time, I could fall into bed with a full face of makeup and not suffer the consequences of blemishes and clogged pores. At least I thought that was the case, turns out failing to remove my makeup at night could lead to issues more serious than a zit here or there. Failing to remove makeup leads to a vicious cycle of needing more makeup to hide imperfections, which can clog pores even worse – becoming the very definition of an ugly habit.   Even if you choose to go the extreme opposite route and seldom wear makeup, it’s still vital to keep your face fresh with regular cleansing. Whether you’re a daily face-painter, or just studying up for a great night out, try some of these tips for removing your makeup easily, gently, and without a high price tag.

  • When washing the face, don’t forget about your neck and behind your ears.  Oils accumulate here, too, and it’s all part of the attractive portrait people admire when gazing at your beauty.
  • Baby shampoo is a great way to remove mascara, especially the waterproof variety, because of its gentle formula with a lower concentration of detergents that is reported to be less irritating to sensitive eyes.  Extra virgin olive oil, and extra virgin coconut oil are also great for loosening waterproof makeup.  An added bonus to using coconut oil is its deep moisturizing effects which diminish dark circles under the eyes.
  • Baby oil is excellent to remove skin make-up. Apply a tiny bit of baby oil to a tissue and then gently wipe it all over your face until the makeup is all gone. After you finish there is no need to use soap of any kind, simply rinse your face with cool water and your skin should feel soft to the touch. The same goes for extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil as well, so it all comes down to how you want to smell when you climb into bed with your luxuriously soft skin.
  • Ever wonder why your grandma has that enormous tub of cold cream on her vanity? Because it works!  Time and time again, cold cream proves to be a tried and true method of makeup removal, even against those long-lasting, 24-hour varieties.  Just slather it on, wipe off with a tissue, repeat if necessary.  A little goes a long way, it’s inexpensive, and it will last forever*.
  • Instead of buying expensive eye makeup remover, use a small dollop of your favorite moisturizer, wait a short moment, then swap away with a q-tip or facial tissue.
  • If you’re really in a rush, reach for baby wipes.  Their gentle formula won’t irritate your skin and they’re convenient to boot.  I keep some tucked in my desk drawer for those times when I’m burning the midnight oil and too pooped to pamper myself before bed.
  • Check out some of the new cleansing oils and balms that are on the market now.  It may sound a little strange at first to rub some oil directly onto your skin, then splash with water to emulsify, but the stuff really does work like magic.  These work similar to olive oil and coconut oil in that they gently lift makeup while leaving behind soft, nourished skin.

As much as I love cold cream, I admit it’s not for everyone.  If you find that your cold cream leaves your oily skin feeling even more slick, keep the jar around anyway and save it for those times when you’re touching up your roots, or changing your hair color completely.  Smearing some around your hairline will keep you from coloring your skin as well.

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