Look Gorgeous Even At 50

Every woman wantsto look gorgeous no matter their age.Its easier to look beautiful at younger age but to appear gorgeous at 50 its a little more challenging of a job. Some makeup products and looks can actually age you even more. But with few effective hair and makeup tips you can look your absolute best and strip a few years off too!

  • Preparation, preparation, preparation! Makeup prep is more important than ever in your 50’s. Select a high-quality, anti-aging skincare regimen.
  • Exfoliate 1 to 3 times a week. This will remove dry surface cells, help with cell turnover, and reveal smoother, even-toned, and glowing skin that is perfectly prepped for makeup application.
  • When selecting makeup products and shades, keep colors and formulas natural. This makes you looking polished and sophisticated, rather than overdone.
  • Avoid using heavy foundation. Thick foundations can settle into lines and wrinkles, effectively emphasizing them. Select a lightweight foundation that is moisturizing, such as, a tinted moisturizer or a light mineral powder. This will provide you with a light, natural looks helps you look and stay younger. Stay away from shimmery foundations as they can settle into enlarged pores and wrinkles. Choose a matte finish foundation will a thin, moisturizing finish. Dust a veil or finishing powder to keep your makeup in place all day.
  • When selecting a blush, a lightweight mineral powder or cream blush. This will create a youthful flush. Stay away from shimmer, as any glitter settles into fines lines and give you a “fake” appearance. Make sure to select a natural shade that is not overpowering.
  • Eye makeup need to be keep natural and youthful. Stay away from dark shadows and liners that will accent signs of aging like dark, puffy circles under eyes. Avoid shimmery shadows that highlight line and opt for sheer or matte shades.
  • Lip makeup need to be natural and moist. Be sure to use a lip balm every day. Select light, natural shades of lip color that is are moisturizing. Avoid dark lip liners and lipsticks that will make your lips smaller, drier, and more aged looking.
  • As for hair, choose a cut and color that suits your face shape and skin tone. As we age, our skin gets drier and more damaged. Make sure to use a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 times a week.
  • When thinking of nails, avoid long nails. Instead, keep them at average length. Try natural nail polish shades like baby pink, light golden, pure white or deep burgundy. White tips and French manicures are classic look that make your hands and nail more youthful.

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