Kryolan Makeup

Recently my belly dancing troupe enjoyed a special class dedicated to stage makeup.  I’ll admit, I arrived thinking I wasn’t going to learn anything new, boy am I glad I was proven wrong.   All this time I’d thought the difference between street makeup and stage makeup was simply a matter of contouring and packing on color.  While this may be true for small productions, it simply won’t work on a regular basis because that much makeup is just horrible for your skin.  That’s where Kryolan professional makeup comes in.

I wish I had learned of Kryloan earlier because even though their products are certainly formulated with professionals in mind, these long-lasting blends are great for anyone that wants amazing, full-coverage without constant touch-ups. Just because I’ve recently learned of Kryolan doesn’t mean they’re a new company by any stretch, this German company has been in the market for over 60 years and in this time they’ve had significant influence on the cosmetic industry as a whole.

With over 14,000 different products carrying the Kryolan name, you can be sure to get the unyielding quality demanded by theater professionals, film makers and makeup artists around the world.  The really nice thing about Kryolan products is you don’t have to be a professional to buy them, though you won’t find them in your local drug store, the price is comparable to high-end cosmetics and the quality is simply unmatched.

Kryolan is the preferred makeup for theater, films, photography and television because the formula is specially designed to blend with the skin’s natural tone, enhancing your natural beauty while hiding imperfections.  Try wearing your normal, every-day makeup in a photo shoot, you’ll probably end up looking washed out.  Now try this with Kryolan and the difference will be incredible. Okay, so you’re probably not dressing up in zombie makeup every day, but when you’re ready to really change up your look, Kryloan has products for special effects, corrective makeup and airbrushing equipment too.

Specialty Of Kryolan Makeup:
Professionals relying on Kryolan are pretty demanding, and we should be thankful for it.  After all, by adhering to the strict requirements of professionals, Kryolan consistently creates projects that boast the following  features and benefits –

  • Faithful rendition of colors for the camera or stage.
  • Good compatibility with skin.
  • Permanent makeup, really stays put.Intensely pigmented colors.
  • Colors remain continuous from one container to the next – this is vital for full body coverage.
  • Makeup application meets international standards. High degree of safety and reliability across the whole of the product line.

I happen to love the Kryolan TV paintstick for my daily foundation, the coverage is amazing, and just a little bit of product blends flawlessly.  I get the benefit of a great base and don’t have to worry about constantly touching up all day, the fact that Kryolan’s products are water-activated also makes them super easy to wash off when I’m ready for a clean face and not a moment sooner.  I’ll certainly reach for Kryolan the next time my belly dancing troupe has a performance, but in the meantime I’ll be reaching for Kryolan to help me feel like a star every day of the week.

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  1. Please assist,
    I have very dark pigmentation scars on my face.
    I have tried samples of the covermark. Where can I purchase your products in Durban.