Best Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

Seems like the relationship between makeup and acne is pretty volatile.  Using makeup to cover breakouts just leads to more blemishes, which leads to heavier makeup, it’s almost like a losing battle.  It doesn’t have to be so difficult, and you don’t have to go to extremes in order to feel beautiful.  Some folks will say the best makeup routine for acne-prone skin is to wear no makeup at all, but why should some people be left out in the cold while the rest of us are having all the fun painting our faces?  Really it just comes down to finding a routine that works best for you and sticking to it – this isn’t one of those areas where it’s okay to take it serious some days and slack off the rest of the time.

The basic approach to makeup is three-pronged: concealer, foundation and finishing powder.  Read the label and go with trusted brands, always reach for oil-free formulas if you have especially oily skin.  Personally, I love using mineral makeup on acne-prone skin, the all-natural formula provides a light, buildable coverage that won’t have you feeling greasy like other formulas can.


  • Concealer – Dab concealer directly on top of blemishes and blend carefully, with a light tapping on the discolored area.  Don’t rub or smear the concealer around, this will only diminish the coverage and ruin the effect.  Start out with a little and add as needed.
  • Foundation- When applying foundation, use a damp sponge, beauty blender, or foundation brush to blend the color into the skin.  Be careful around areas where you’ve applied concealer, don’t want to wipe away all your hard work before you’ve even finished.  Again, I like mineral makeup for acne-prone skin because it leaves a nice, dewy finish without looking heavily made-up or cakey.
  • Powder – Now set everything in place with a light dusting of powder, using a large, fluffy brush or a powder puff. This finishing touch will pull everything together, hide flaws and highlight your beautiful features.


More Great Advice

When it comes to the best makeup for acne-prone skin, keep two things in mind: it shouldn’t harm your skin or exacerbate the condition, and it should provide full coverage for new breakouts and old scars.  Much of this can be done with concealer, foundation and powder, but you have to consider your overall skincare routine.  To help limit future breakouts, consider the following:

  • Use astringent or tea tree oil on your skin daily in the morning.
  • Never go to sleep with make up on your face. Wear makeup only as long as necessary and  remove it as soon as you return  home.
  • Instead of applying heavy makeup, try covering pimples with greater precision, or invest in a color corrector for problem areas.
  • Give people something else to look at, like your amazing hairdo or fabulous eye makeup.
  • When in doubt, reach for brand names you trust.


I really can’t stress the importance of a clean face when it comes to fighting acne.  Makeup should enhance your beauty, not be slathered on to hide problems.  Drink plenty of water, wash your face with the cleanser of your choice, and then give yourself an extra rinse or two to get rid of all traces of residue which can cause breakouts as well.  It may sound daunting to establish a skincare routine that consists of several steps, but with time and practice you can get this routine down to under fifteen minutes – that’s not so bad.

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