Top Five World’s Best Makeup Brands

Women and makeup go hand in hand. Irrespective of region, country, or cast, women are fond of makeup and cosmetics that enhance their look and beauty. So let’s find out some of the popular and well known makeup brands in the world.

Maybelline: It is one of the best makeup brands in the globe. The creator of the brand is T.L Williams, a New York based chemist. The companyh was later taken on by L’Oreal in 1996, and has a popular slogan, “Maybe She’s Born with It. Maybe It’s Maybelline.” Celebrities like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Josie Maran and many more have endorsed Maybelline products.

L’Oreal Paris: The L’Oreal group is the most popular and biggest manufacturer of cosmetics and beauty products. It is based in Paris. L’Oreal caters to different beauty products, concentrating more on hair color, fragrance, skincare, makeup, lotions and creams. At present, it has a market of more than 500 brands. Its famous slogan is “Because you’re worth it.” It was recently changed from “Because I’m worth it”.

Revlon: is an American company founded by Joseph Revson ,Charles Revson and Charles Lachman in 1932. It produces a wide range of makeup and beauty products like lip color, lip gloss, nail color, eye shadow, eye liner and many more. Actresses such as Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Alba and  Jennifer Connelly have endorsed the brand.

LancÔme: It is a part of the luxury products which are owned by L’Oreal. LancÔme is a very sophisticated and niche brand which offers products like makeup, fragrances, skin care, etc. It is mostknown for its fragrances and the different ranges they offer in this particular product line. The company came into the market in 1935 with the launch of its five fragrances.

Estée Lauder: is one of the best and most prestigious manufacturers and is the creator of quality beauty products, including fragrances, skin care and hair products. It has products like Estée Lauder, Clinique, Lab Series and Aramis. The brand was founded in 1946 with four products.

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