Top 5 Organic Makeup Brands in the World

Organic makeup products are healthy and good for your face. Unlike organic skin-care brands, organic makeup brands are lesser in numbers and still evolving. So let’s take a glimpse at five of the best organic makeup lines worldwide.

Famous Five Organic Makeup Brands

Nvey Eco: is one of the best organic brands in the world. Today you can find its products in every health store. The line is NSF and NATRUE certified. The company is very particular about its ingredients. Their products do not contain talc, petroleum ingredients, parabens or nanoparticles.

Dr. Hauschka Organic Makeup: This particular line includes a variety of makeup products as well has skin, hair and body care.

Logona: This brand has been aroundsince the late seventies. It is a German BDIH certified brand. This line has a full makeup line and also includes products for baby care, hair care and body care.

Lavera: It is also a German based company with BDIH certification. It is a brand that has all makeup products that you need. From eye make up to lipsticks; it has it all.

Couleur Caramel: is a French brand which has a full range of makeup products. It has 150 products to its name. The main motive of this brand was to “Go natural”. It is one of the most popular brands in Europe

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