Tips for Selecting the Right Shade of Red Lipstick

Choosing the right  shade of red lipstick is a bit tricky. The right shade will give you a timeless, classic, even vintage look, but the wrong shade could easily cause a disaster.  Here are a few tricks and tips to finding the right red lipstick.

  • is the first thing to consider is your color complexion. Women with yellow undertones should choose cool shades of red. People with a dusky skin tone should go for brownish red or rusty red.
  • Those with dark complexions can wear red lipsticks too. You should just know how to pick the right shade. Go for something dark like spicy reds with a a touch of orange or pomegranate-colored shades.
  • Your hair color also determines the right red shade lipstick that you should go for. If your hair is dark then go for brick red. Blonde-haired ladies can go for cherry and crimson red shades. Women with brown hair look great with rose and Persian red shades.
  • You should apply your red lipstick properly so it does not bleed out. Use a matching shade of lip liner to outline and define your lips. At the end touch up with a non sticky gloss to give it a shiny and stunning look.

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