Tips to Apply Makeup for Beginners

If you have never applied makeup before then these following makeup guides will be a great help to you. These steps are easy to follow and will ensure a stunning results

Before applying makeup ensure that you have a good skin care regimen according to your skin type. This kit will adequately prepare your skin for flawless makeup application.

Step1: First clean your face with a good cleanser, then apply moisturizer and primer all over your face. Next, apply foundation lightly on your face and blend it well. Select the proper foundation formula and shade according to your skin type.

Step2: Take a tooth brush to comb your eyebrows with Vaseline or eyebrow gel. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara. Comb it through the ends and apply more than one coat.  Select an eyeshadow and eye liner that contrasts your eye color. Focus the darkest hues near the lash line. A mauve or light brown is beautiful in the creases of any woman. Some light eyeshadow should be brush onto the inner corners of your lids to make eye brightly pop.

Step3: When it comes to lip makeup, a beginner should keep it simple and sweet. At first you should apply chapstick on your lips and then blot lip gloss on top. Once you get more comfortable with lip color, you then you can line your lips with a natural lip liner,then apply lipstick or lip stain.


  • Make sure to remove your makeup at the end of every day to minimize clogged pores and signs of aging.

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