All about Mascara Brushes

Mascara Brush

Applying mascara is one of the foundational parts of any makeup application.  The mascara brush  can be more important than the mascara itself.

Types of mascara brushes

There are five types of mascara brushes. Each of them is designed to provide a different effect for the eyes.

The main types of mascara brushes are:

Curved Mascara Brushes: They facilitate the lifting and curling on the eyelashes. They create a girly, flirty look that opens up the eyes.

Lash Comb Mascara Brushes: These brushes help to separate each eye lashes to prevent a “spidery” look of clumpy lashes.  Brush the mascara from the roots to tips of the lashes. The will give you a chic, natural look that is appropriate for any day.

Mascara brushes with Rubber Bristles: These types of mascara brushes are useful for giving a full and even look for the eyelashes. The rubber bristles effectively coat, lift, and  to separate lashes.

Flexible Mascara Brushes: These are helpful coat every lash as they move freely and reach deeper than the ordinary brushes. If you have trouble coating all your lashes, purchase a mascara with this brush.

Spinning Mascara Brush

This is a type of mascara brush which is operated with a battery. If can give you fast and even coating of lashes in a thick, dramatic fashion.  Full definition ofthe eyes is the result of these brushes.

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