Full Face Gel Mask

Full face gel masks are great for relaxation purposes, and are also effective at treating sleep apnea. Full face gel masks are comfortable and cooling.


The primary benefits of full face gel mask are:

  • Provides relaxation
  • Relieves sinus pressure
  • Can be helpful to a patient on ventilation
  •  Provides comfort
  • Effective for sleep apnea patients

The full face gel mask can be applied easily with the help of adjustable features explained below.

Mojo Gel Full Face Mask

Mojo masks easily bend, which makes them easy to wear. The air will not leak out because of the adjustable headgear. The dual beam present in the middle will transfer the weight to the center.

Full face maks come in various shapes, colors in sizes. They provide good fit and soft feel. They single layer gel structure is lightweight, which ensures the comfort..

The clips are easily removable and do not leave marks on the face.


The primary benefits include:

  • It provides relaxation
  • Acts well for both travel and home needs
  • Covers mouth, chin, forehead and sides of the eyes.
  • It can be cooled or heated in the microwave
  • It is easily washed with soap and water

It is advisable not to freeze the Mojo full face masks.

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