Astringent Toner


Astringent is solution that helps skin tissues to contract or to stay together. It makes the tissues firm. They are utilized for medical purposes and are ingredients in several cosmetic items. The quality of an astringent is known as astringency.

Astringent Toner

An astringent will will fight acne and even skin tone. It acts as toner to the skin and is often referred to in the place of toners. It can be used after determining skin type as it works best on oily and combination skin. Astringent can be too harsh for dry or sensitive skin. When used on oily and combination skin, astringent toner refines pores and gives an even appearance. It is also helpful in preventing breakouts.

Benefits of an Astringent Toner

The primary benefits of an astringent toner are:

  • It makes the skin firm
  • Makes the skin wrinkle free
  • It delays the age marks on the skin
  • It remove excess oil and dirt from the skin
  • Gives a natural glow soon after  usage

Homemade Facial Astringent and Toner

A homemade facial astringent and toner can be used immediately after washing the face. Gently apply to the face and neck with a cotton ball.The removed oil and dirt will be visible on the cotton, and you will know that it is working hard to keep your skin looking young and clear. Follow with moisturizer to prevent drying.

Homemade astringent can be made by combining the following ingredients:

  • The juice of one peeled cucumber
  • 3tbs rose water
  • 1tbs glycerin
  • cologne

Add rose water to mashed cucumber. Then add glycerinand a touch of cologne. Strain the mixture and refrigerate the excess after using.

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