Lip Makeup

Lip makeup can dramatically change the appearance of the face. The color of the lips plays an important role in enhancing the total appearance of a woman. Applying lip color or gloss is the last step of a makeup routine. A combination of lip liners, lipsticks, lip pencils and lip glosses can be used, or can be used alone for a different look.

Lip liners and lip pencils are used to give an outline to the lips. This defines the lips in a fine manner and makes the lips ready to wear lipsticks. Lip liners are great for defining the lips and hiding imperfections.

Lip Stain Makeup

Lip stain is a new trend in lip makeup. It gives a plumy and pout look for the lips.. Lip stains offer a natural and creamy appearance to the lips and are available in a variety of shades.

Lip stains have the ability to last for several hours, and provide the sheen of a lip gloss. Lip stains polish the lips and offered a subtle and sophisticated look. If a lip stain begins to look dull after a few hours of wear, the color can effortlessly be refreshed with a thin coat of clear gloss.

Lip and Cheek Makeup Tint

Lip makeup tint can be used as cheek make up tint. It moisturizes the lips and cheeks. It gives a hint of pigment for the lips and cheeks. Lip and cheek tint is fantastic for creating a coordinated lip and cheek look.


Lip and cheek stains offer a beautiful flush of color and are a perfect complement to an overnight bag—save space with one makeup product that does double duty.

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