Eye shadow for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are unique and desirable, but it can be a tedious job to find suitable eye shadow colors. Hazel eyes can accommodate a  a spectrum of colors as long as the  colors go well with the blush and lip colors chosen.

Eye shadow Colors for Hazel Eyes

Blue and brown are great shades for playing up hazel eyes. Browns can be difficult to choose as they come in a wide variety of shades. Once a cool or warm skin tone is determined it is easier to choose a brown eye shadow. Warm skin tones should stick with warm browns and cool skin tones can go for cooler colors. Pink is also a good choice for those with hazel eyes, as it is in the same family as brown.

Tips for Choosing Eyeshadow Colors for Hazel Eyes

Here are some tips to take consider while choosing an eye shadow color:

  • Choose to wear romantic pink when you want an irresistibly rosy look, especially in the winter season
  • Browns and pinks are the safest color choices for hazel eyes
  • Purple and blue pair well with hazel eyes in the right shade. Depper blues and purples suit hazel eyes better than pastel colors
  • Green shades give a stunning look when worn subtly
  • Try not to overdo the eye shadow colors to avoid an overdone look
  • Be aware of using excess blue and different shades of blue
  • Do a makeup trial before you wear blue eye shadow colors for special occasions, as some blue colors appear less sophisticated than others

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