Gypsy Makeup

Gypsy makeup looks are perfect for hot, summer nights and for Halloween parties. When toned-down, this look can be quite versatile. Gypsy makeup is sultry and ethereal. It gives off an air of mystery and enchantment that isn’t found in a lot of makeup looks. It enhances the two key features of every woman’s face: the eyes and lips.

Here are a few steps that will help you achieve this look:

  • First apply a concealer under your eyes and to cover any of blemishes.
  • Choose an illuminating foundation that matches your skin tone and brightens your entire face. For extra luminosity, apply a powder or liquid highlighter on cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and on the cupid’s bow over your lips. Avoid using any blush or bronzer.
  • Using various eye shadow brushes, apply a dark eye shadow over your entire lids and fill in the creases as well. Smudge the same color along your lash line so that your color surrounds your eyes in a smoky-like haze. Choose a deep brown, charcoal, purple, or midnight blue. Apply at least 3-4 coats of mascara. For extra glamour, you can also wear fake eyelashes.
  • Select a  statement lip stick color according to your complexion. For a fair-complexioned person, a purple or red color with blue undertones should be used for this look. These are cool-toned colors that don’t have as much dimension. For a tan or olive-complexioned person, a red or purple shade with yellow undertones should be used. These colors are brighter and have a fiery-look to them. Apply color generously.
  • To complete this look, apply some clear gloss to your lips with your fingers. Tap it on, rather than swipe it on. Tapping keeps your lipstick in place and applies the perfect amount of lip gloss. .

This completes your gypsy makeup look. Confidently flaunt it on a summer night, out dancing, or wherever you please. Hair can be worn long and curly or wrapped up in a colorful head scarf to match your gypsy look.

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