Drag Queen Makeup

The drag queen makeup is for men dressing like women in the entertainment industry. Men need to put on heavy makeup in a highly skillful way to look like women.

Steps for a drag queen makeup:

  • If you have any kind of facial hair you need to get rid of it.
  • Shape eyebrows into a feminine shape of your choice.
  • Apply moisturizer so that its smooth on the face a gives a light glow to it.
  • Keep it for 10 minutes till the face absorbs it and apply a primer to the face.
  • Apply foundation with the help of a sponge evenly over the entire face. Apply to neck and chest if necessary.
  • Apply a concealer under the eyes and over any blemishes.
  • Chose a bold color of blush and apply it on the cheekbone in a circular motion up to your temples.
  • Eye shadow should be dark, especially around your lash lines,as it should be seen from a distance. Apply a highlighter on the brow bone and shade the crease of the eye.
  • Wear fake eyelashes and mascara to make lashes as voluminous as possible.
  • Apply a lip liner to create a girly-like pout. If you have small lips put the liner outside the lips to create a fuller lip. Fill in lips with any bold color lipstick and top with a clear or iridescent lip gloss.

Handy Tips:

  • Always keep a pair of fake eyelashes handy
  • Don’t forget to skillfully line your lips with a lip liner
  • Keep a lipstick and a mascara handy for last-minute touch-ups

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