Day and Night Makeup

There are many people who don’t know what kind of makeup they need to put on for a night party or for a day time occasion. When a person is applying make up for a night party there are a few guidelines to follow:

Night Makeup

Eye Shadow– Choose dark colored eye shadows for evening earDark colors such asblack, dark brown, charcoal, dark green and dark purple work well. The smoky eye look always works well for nights out.

Eye Liner– Black eyeliner is best for night wear as it is the most dramatic

Lip Stick– Use gloss only. It is advidsable to avoid wearing a dark shade of lipstick like cherry red in the evening. For a night time look try to concentrate on the eyes and keep the rest of the face neutral.

Day Makeup

Eye Shadow– During the day it’s always best to use a light eye shadow. Colors such as light to medium green, brown, blue and purple work well.

Eye Liner– For day time wear, stick to lighter shades of eyeliner such as brown and grey. These are less intense than black and will give a softer appearance.

Lip Stick– Apply a medium shade of lip stick. Light pinks, browns and reds look great for daytime wear. When it comes to foundation, keep it light and simple and concentrate on the eye makeup.

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