Mime Make up

Not many people are aware of this type of a makeup. The mime makeup refers to a type of stage make up. Though it is one of the easiest make up looks to achieve, it should be done with accuracy so that under the bright stage lights it stands out and seems to look more alive. The main idea of this kind of makeup is that the expressions should be visible under the stage lights.

Tips for Mime Makeup:

  • Wash your face with a face wash and allow it to dry before applying the makeup so that it spreads evenly on the face.
  • Men’s faces should be shaved the same day so that the face looks clear and fresh.
  • Before applying the makeup tie up the hair or pull it behind with a band so that there aren’t any disturbances while applying the makeup.
  • The face should be outlined with a white chalk, start it from the jaw to the cheek and then to the hairline near the forehead.
  • If you are using a greasy makeup make sure you powder the face well as this makes it easier to apply.
  • A dark eyebrow pencil should be used to darken and enhance eyebrows. They should be drawn above the natural brows and should be extendedfrom the outside. This exemplifies the dramatic look.
  • Outline your eyes with a black eyeliner.
  • When it comes to lips outline them with a lip pencil and then fill your lips with a dark red lipstick.
  • Allow the makeup to dry for 15 minutes then dab it with a bit of face powder to keep it intact and to protect it from bright stage lights.

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