Make Up for Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

My natural hair color ranges somewhere between dirty-dishwater and strawberry blonde depending on the season.  This is probably why I’ve dyed my strands just about every color under the rainbow at some point in my life, even blue.  Along the way I’ve learned some valuable lessons about what works for blue-eyed blondes of every variety and color.  When it comes to options, blondes really do have more fun, their fair palette can experiment with just about any combination of style and color.  Whether it’s a smoky eye, a playful party look, or a classic bombshell, some rules are universal no matter your skin tone.


Everyday Smokey Eye

  • Sweep a vanilla, or cream shadow across the entire lid, up to the brow bone
  • Apply a warmer shade along the outer V of the lid in a bronze, peach, slate, copper or light brown hue. Start light and add more as needed.
  • Add a darker brown or chocolate shadow along the upper and lower lash line and crease for greater definition. Go over this line with a navy blue eye-liner, then set the liner in place with a smudge of smokey-gray shadow
  • Apply a shimmery ivory shadow to the inner corners of the eye and along the brow bone, then blend lightly.  Touch up and define as necessary.
  • Curl lashes to open up the eyes and top with a coat of volume-boosting mascara
  • Finish the look with a foundation in a shade lighter than natural skin tone, concealer where needed to hide dark circles and imperfections, and a dusting of mineral foundation as a base.
  • Keep cheeks light and natural with a soft, rosey peach hue
  • A light lip-gloss in a pink or peachy color is all you need to pull the entire look together.


Party Perfect

  • Start with a clean, moisturized face, followed by a primer and the foundation routine of your choice.
  • Define the outer V and crease with any black base you like. I happen to prefer matte black shadow for this because it really stays put and picks up additional pigment well.
  • Play around with defining the crease and outer V for various amounts of intensity and drama until you come up with a look you love.
  • Go over this with a clean blending blush, gently blending outwards in soft circles to remove any harsh edges.  Avoid messy fallout by holding a business card or thin powder puff under your eye while you work.
  • Continue to soften the edges of your black shadow by blending a faint dusting of smokey-silver shadow along the outer edge of the crease, up to the brow bone, following with a vanilla or cream shadow as a highlight.
  • With a damp brush, apply a deep jade or dark emerald shadow across the lid, starting at the lash line and blending softly towards the outer V and crease, keeping the heaviest amount of pigment at the lash line.
  • Touch up the outer V and crease with a little more black shadow, and line the lower lash line as well for a subtle, smokey cat-eye.
  • Extend black shadow only to the center of the lash line to keep eyes from looking small and pinched together.
  • Apply a bright turquoise or emerald to the inner corners of the upper and lower lash-line, blending gently into the black liner for a smooth, gradient effect that really brings out the color of your eyes.
  • Adjust intensity as needed by blending or adding shadow as needed, then dab just a touch of iridescent pigment at the center of the lids and inner corners for that extra pop of shimmer that really makes your eyes twinkle.
  • Curl lashes and apply two coats of your favorite mascara.
  • If the dark shadow is just too intense for you, try using a white base topped with intense blue-green hues instead, the result is dramatically different but equally glamorous.
  • Contour face where needed and apply a small amount of bubble-gum pink blush to the apples of the cheeks
  • Lip liner probably isn’t necessary, but a soft rosey or cinnamon hue will look warm and natural without looking too heavy.  Top with a frosty pink gloss for a fun party look.


Classic Bombshell

  • Achieve clear, porcelain skin by starting with a clean, moisturized face, followed by your favorite primer and your normal foundation routine.
  • Apply a soft, cream, vanilla, or pale peach across the whole lid, then lightly define with a warm taupe along the crease.  Only a little color is needed, we’re not going for dramatic shadow or definition here.
  • Use liquid or gel liner in black to create a winged line across the upper lashes.  This does take some practice, so don’t be afraid to play around with the thickness of the lines and different techniques until you feel confident with applying dark liner with a dramatic edge.
  • Define water line with white liner, or a natural champagne liner if you can find one, then follow with a small smudge of black liner over top for subtle definition that also brightens the eyes.
  • Define brows as needed, curl lashes, and finish with two coats of mascara.
  • Apply a soft pink blush to the applies of the cheeks.
  • Pull the whole look together with a red-tinted lip gloss for a modern spin on classic glam.


No matter what direction you choose, make sure you’re using cosmetics which are formulated for your particular skin type, and always wash your face before bed. Remember to treat your neck and hands with the same care as you give your face for healthy, glowing skin which stays beautiful at any age.


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