Flapper Make Up-1920?s Women Flapper Make Up

Make-up trends come and go, some of them are utterly forgettable, while others are so celebratory of a woman’s natural beauty they become timeless staples.  I doubt we’ll see the heavy contouring of the 80’s return to fashion any time soon, but the “Flapper” look is something that never goes out of style.  This look is so distinctive, it’s practically impossible to see someone dressed in the flapper style and not think of the roaring 20’s.  To really understand what makes this look so fun, you must first understand what life was like during that era.  The economy was booming, the Great War had recently ended, people were relaxing, celebrating and letting loose.  Corsets were no longer required, waistlines were let out and hem lines were brought up.  Freedom was driving force of the day, from garments, hair styles, even morals, flappers embraced this idea of freedom and became seen as rebellious, wild, even scandalous.  No wonder this look remains so popular with fierce women.  Whether your dolling yourself up for a costume party, or want to try a classic look for a special evening, you can’t go wrong with this timeless favorite.


Unflappable Flapper Flair

  • As always, start with a clean, moisturized face followed by your favorite primer.
  • If going for an authentic, classic look, then go heavy on the foundation and powder. Remember these ladies were using cake cosmetics which were heavy and powdery.
  • It’s okay to modify your foundation, building up sheer layers in a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, finishing with a dusting of translucent powder for a matte finish.
  • Smudge black shadow around the lash line, blending outwards.  Again, these ladies only had access to cake liners, soot, and other harsh pigments, the finished effect was often smokey and smudged.
  • Play around with how heavy-handed you are with color until you achieve a look you like, keeping the bulk of the color at the lash line and blending outwards.
  • A touch of white shadow along the brow bone is an excellent highlight which contrasts perfectly with the smokey shadow you’re using.
  • Two coats of mascara is good, three is better, four is probably just about right.
  • Lips should be sharply defined using a lip liner, then filled in with a true red lipstick. Really focus attention at the cupids bow, creating a small heart-shaped mouth for a classic look, or careful definition for a modern spin.
  • Lips should be matte, so skip the lip gloss, and remember to blot to avoid transferring lipstick to your teeth.
  • Rosey cheeks are a must, a smidge of red lipstick will work if you don’t have rouge handy.

Finish off your fabulous flapper look with a short pageboy hairstyle, wigs are okay if you’re not ready to commit to the cut.  A breezy, sleeveless dress with lots of fringe will really show off your moves, pair this with some low heels or ballerina flats and you’ll be ready to dance the night away.  A long strand of pearls will pull the entire look together perfectly.


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