Fairy Make Up

Admit it, at age six when asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, “fairy princess” was in your top three list of dream occupations.  There’s no shame in this, it’s a goal shared by millions of people worldwide, regardless of age. Thankfully there’s things like Shakespeare, renaissance festivals, live action role-play and Halloween, which allow us to indulge our need to don fairy wings and wave wands about. Naturally, when these opportunities present themselves you’re going to want to look your mystical best .

Choose your Fae Face

To achieve a truly impressive fairy look it’s important to know a tiny bit of fairy lore.  Many accounts of fairy sightings paint these fantastic creatures as human-like, beautiful, beguiling and magical.  Fae features are notably sharp and angled, regardless of how beautiful or ugly the fairy in question.  No matter what sort of look you want to achieve, whether majestic or menacing, an effective look is easy to accomplish with creative contouring, choice of colors, costume and accessories.

Application and Tips


  • Always start with a clean, moisturized and toned face, followed by a layer of primer to help colors look more vibrant and last longer.
  • Keep foundation light and sheer.
  • Mix in a bit of white and gold eyeshadow with your foundation to give your skin a radiant, dewy appearance.
  • Makeup colors should be in soft, neutral tones appropriate to the sort of fairy you wish to be.  Greens and browns for a forest fairy, silvery blues for an ice maiden, bubble gum pinks for a playful look.
  • Eyebrows can make or break your fairy look, it’s best to embellish your brows with sharp arches, or twig-like designs for an otherworldly look.
  • Line your eyes in whatever shape you wish, remembering to line your waterline as well for an intense look.
  • Exaggerate the shape of your lips with your favorite red liner and fill in with a berry colored lipstick.  Apply a dab of gold pigment or shadow to the center of your lips for more depth.
  • Fake flowers and vines from your local craft store make fantastic embellishments to your fairy look, you can even apply a few of these flower petals around your eyes with spirit gum to really play up the natural nymph look.
  • Keep your blush natural and sheer, in light peach or pink hues.  Focus more on the contour of the cheeks rather than their overall color, since the final effect you want is sharply angled rather than brightly colored.
  • It’s okay to use glitter – sparingly.
  • Garments should be lightweight and flowing, keeping up with the mystical reputation of fairies.
  • Hair can either be done up in a stylish updo, or worn long and flowing, either way flowers are the ideal hair accessory.
  • If your costume wings are just a little too frou-frou for your outfit, don’t be afraid to doctor them up a bit with some fake flowers, leaves, vines and enough hot glue to make it stick.
  • If you’re sparing no expense in pursuit of authenticity, then you’ll want to apply some pointed ears with a bit of spirit gum. Finish the rough edges with a bit of liquid latex covered with foundation for a completely natural finish.
  •  Tales of legend describe humans and fairies falling in love quite often, this is because fairies look quite human, albeit in a more pronounced fashion.  Because of this you’ll want to avoid things like green or blue-tinged skin, save these dramatic effects for days when you want to play around with pixie make-up.  The signature features of a fairy are sharply angled features, so long as you remember to contour and blend you’ll end up with a gorgeous face that would make any fae jealous.


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