Make Up With SPF

Before applying make up, or spending time outdoors, it’s very important to protect the skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Many dermatologists recommend using cosmetics with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) as opposed to formulas that boast age-reversing claims, not just because it’s necessary to protect your skin from the aging-effects of the sun, but also because the FDA keeps close tabs on cosmetics companies, ensuring they live up to their claims. This should give you a bit more confidence at the cosmetics counter, knowing the SPF number on the package accurately reflects the amount of UV (Ultra Violet) protection you can expect. Recently the FDA changed the daily recommendation of sunscreen from SPF 15 to SPF 30, primarily because women get most of their SPF protection from cosmetics. How To Find The Right SPF Make-Up For You

  • Read the label, and look for the minerals zinc and titanium.  These minerals create a sort of shield on the surface of the skin, diffusing UV light before it can penetrate and damage the skin beneath.
  • Don’t rely on potent cosmetics alone, always layer your protection with an SPF day cream.  Most people fail to apply enough product to achieve necessary coverage when relying on cosmetics alone.
  • Remember to protect your neck too! The sensitive, thin skin of your neck is one of the first places to reflect the signs of aging.
  • Fair skin has the highest risk of damage from sun, including skin cancer and premature aging, so blue-eyed blondes need plenty of protection.
  • Protect your eyes!  Squinting against the glare of the sun invites crows feet, so wear sunglasses and protect the delicate skin around your eyes with a concealer containing plenty of SPF.
  • Keep your lips kissable, they’re made of skin and can burn too, so reach for lip glosses and balms with at least SPF 15, though SPF 20 and above is better.
  • Even if you have olive skin or a dusky complexion, the sun can still cause freckles, making it necessary to apply sunscreen often.
  • Hair needs protection from the sun just as much as your skin does, wear wide-brimmed hats, and scarves. There’s even some UV resistant hair products available, like mousse, leave-in conditioner and moisturizing serums.

Avoiding the aging effects of the sun is easy with a little know-how and sticking to the routine of layering your SPF protection in the form of sunscreen, day cream, and cosmetics.  Taking the time to read labels and ask questions of the experts at the cosmetics counter will ensure the best protection for your skin type.

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