80s Hair And Make Up

During the 1980s women used to wear bright makeup and have big hair styles. To get the same look all you need to do is to be a little creative. Since the makeup in the 80s was not very heavy, it is quite easy to get the desired look.

Steps for an 80s makeup look

  • Make sure that your face is clean before you start your make up. Wash your face well with a face wash and then allow it to dry Choose a foundation that suits your skin tone and then apply it evenly with a sponge
  • Make sure that all the blemishes, scars and dark circles are covered
  • Then apply a face powder with the help of a puff so that any excess oil is absorbed
  • It’s always good to apply a black eye liner because this was the only colour that was used during that time
  • Apply the eye liner on the upper and lower eye lid and extend it a little upwards outside of the eye
  • To make the eyes look catchy curl your eye lashes with an eye lash curler
  • To keep the curls intact apply at least two coats of mascara on the upper and lower eye lash
  • Then apply any bright colour eye shadow like purple, bottle green or aqua blue
  • Spread the colour smoothly upwards from the eye lid to the brow line
  • Apply a glossy lip gloss that has a little sparkle in it
  • Then style your hair into loose curls to go with the make up

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