MakeUp for Gray Hair

Don’t let gray hair get you down. With a few tweaks to your makeup routine your gray hair can be an asset rather than an ailment. Using makeup that complements your new hair color is the silver lining to your new beauty routine. How to Do MakeUp for Gray Hair

  • Gray hair can often give the face a paler appearance. Makeup for those with gray hair should be bright and vibrant to contrast the hair.
  • When it comes to choosing a lip stick go for colours like red, peach or pink that have a bright appearance.
  • Avoid using colours like brown which will make your skin look dull.
  • A blush is a must for a fresh look so go for pastel colours
  • Choose eye shadows that complement your eye color
  • If you have brown eyes choose a Gray eye shadow, for blue eyes a blend of colors looks best: gray, dark gray and navy work well
  • As we age our brows tend to become lighter and lose shape. Light eye shadows work best on more mature skin. A brow pencil should also be used to create shape and definition in the brows.
  • To get a natural look use the eye brow pencil in the direction of the hair growth and keep them shaped as often as possible.
  • When applying makeup be sure to do so in natural light. This ensures the most natural look and you’ll be able to see the true color of your makeup products.
  • Keep experimenting with new make up to keep it fun, exciting, and in order to be confident wearing several combinations of colors.

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