Make Up Tips For Black Hair

The combination of black hair and fair skin is the most versatile for pulling off several makeup looks. People who have black hair can carry any kind of make up well and most types of makeup styles suit them because of the neutral skin tone and dark hair.

Tips for Black Hair

Eye Shadow: You can try different types of make up for your eyes depending on your eye color. Blue eyes should opt for brown, brown eyes for green, and green eyes for violets and purples.  For a natural appearance choose three shadows: light, medium and dark. Use the light shade from the lash line to the brow bone; the medium over the eye lid, and the dark in the crease. Blend well.

Cheek Bones: For women who have dark hair it’s always good to highlight the cheek bones. Always go for a neutral colour and if you have a reddish under tone then avoid using pink or red blush. Pinks and reds work well on those who have a yellowish undertone. Apply the blush from the apples of the cheeks to the hair line. Add a light, highlighting hue directly on the cheek bones to make them appear more prominent.  Lip Stick: A deep burgundy or a red will be the perfect colour for your lips. You can also try lining your lips with a neutral colour and then filling it with lip gloss.

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