Horror Make Up

Most of us are familiar with the concept of everyday makeup and the way it’s supposed to enhance our natural beauty, and a few of us know a little about theatrical makeup and the way it’s supposed to contour the features so even the back row can understand facial expression.  Then there’s the gruesome few who delve into the realm of horror makeup, skipping right past enhancing and definition, crashing head first into blood, gore, and exposed bone.  If you’re wanting to make you’re friends recoil in disgust, you’ve come to the right place.


Horrifying Horror Make-Up:

  • The main idea of doing the horror make up is to look scary so stock up on products which will really transform your face: contacts, liquid latex, spirit gum, and fake blood to name a few.
  • If wearing contacts, wear them early into the process rather than once everything is set in place.
  • The most effective horror makeup plays up contrasts, consider doing only half your face for a truly unsettling look.
  • Block out your eyebrows with a glue stick, then cover with foundation.
  • Apply foundation evenly all over your face, ears, neck and chest, and make it paler by adding some ghost-white theatrical makeup to your foundation before applying.
  • Apply globs of liquid latex to sections of the face, play around with varying degrees of thickness for an uneven finish.  Add bits of tissue paper here and there for extra texture, even some putty with strands of black thread crossed through for a scarred appearance. Have fun, you’re limited only by your imagination and amount of skin you want to cover.
  • Allow liquid latex (or spirit gum if you’re allergic to latex) with eyeshadow to set in place.  The colors you choose will dramatically effect the finished look – blacks and reds will leave you looking like a burn victim, while grays and greens will make you look like a flesh-eating zombie.
  • For a truly horrifying look  use some fake blood  in patches where it’s needed.
  • For the look of parched lips apply some foundation followed by powder so  the lips look really pale and dry, and then rub on some fake blood. Be creative, instead of using traditional scars consider using a zipper from your local craft store, just apply with some liquid latex, leave it half unzipped, and paint the interior as gruesome as you wish.
  • Horror make up is incomplete unless you take care of the hair as well so top with the wig of your choice.

There are plenty of ideas available on the internet if you find yourself stuck for a starting point.  Even if you decide to stick Cheerios to your face with spirit gum and paint yourself green, you really can’t go wrong so long as you carry yourself with confidence, or a scary swagger.

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