Monsoon Wedding Make Up

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day, no matter the weather.  The perfect wedding look is soft and natural, which is difficult to achieve if you don’t want to look washed out in pictures. Contouring and choice of cosmetics are already important decisions, but when you factor in monsoon weather as well, you’ve got to really set everything in place with cream bases and waterproof formulas.


Bridal Beauty, On Even The Rainiest Days

  • Always start with a clean, moisturized face followed by a primer.
  • Gel and cream concealers work best in monsoons. Try to conceal as many imperfections as possible since heavy foundation is difficult to keep in place during heavy rains.
  • Cream based eyeshadow makes a fantastic primer in wet weather, creating a pigmented layer for powdered shadows to cling to for hours.  Start with a soft bronze color and layer neutral tones of copper and brown for a gorgeous smokey eye.
  • Line your waterline with a waterproof khol and set your liner in place with shadow in a coordinating color.
  • Cake or gel eyeliner lasts for hours, and really stays put, so does kajal.  Smudge slightly for a soft, smokey effect.
  • Apply a golden eyeliner to the inner corners of the eyes to brighten the area
  • Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara
  • Cream blushes will stay in place without washing away, apply just a dab of a rosey color to the apples of the cheeks and blend toward the temples.
  • To keep your lipstick from kissing away, try using a lip stain instead.  Or apply a thin layer of lipstick and buff into the lips with a q-tip for a stained effect.  Top with a thin coat of gloss for moisture.
  • Apply a translucent powder to get a smooth finish.

Keep an emergency make-up kit handy, filled with lip color, oil blotting sheets and q-tips for quick fixes. Knowing what sort of make-up will last the whole day through will keep you looking beautiful for hours, no matter how heavy the monsoon outside.  Contour carefully so your features really shine in your wedding photos and remember that your smile is your best feature no matter what.  If hair is a concern for you during the monsoon, add volume by cutting a few long layers into your style and change up what direction you part your hair.

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