60s MakeUp: The Age of The Flower Power

During the 60s in the United States whose 70 million pre-teens underwent that hormone induced, radical, year-ong agony called adolescence. Post-war there was a stability and balance in the economy. Hence, teens had more personal freedom and spending power than ever. This represents the decade of flower power and mod makeup.

Fashion was recreated as a youthful enterprise by the teenagers. The fashions of the 50s was dedicated to grown women whereas the 60s fashion had a bent towards the youth brigade. It represented the youth’s vibrant and energetic personalities. Rebellion was seen on a grand scale.

The early Natural Look was very different from the too-natural Hippie look. The Natural Lookwas based on heavy foundation. This is also known as translucent make up. In this style of makeup, the complexion is completely masked with foundation and  then brightened with a mod pink blush.

During the 60s many makeup artists decided to avoid blush entirely. They settled for a matte base and a slightly tanned look for the foundations. They played up the eyes using vibrant eye shadows. Lips were either covered with a foundation, left nude or in titanium-based shimmering lipsticks. Mascara played a key role in eye makeup. Mascara was so thickly applied that it clumped the lashes together. This lead to spike formation. Also false eye lashes became popular. Generally, eye makeup was harsh. Big, dramatic eyes were the ultimate fashion trend; the face was left pale and the lips silvery.

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