How To Hide Scars Using Makeup?

Even if you’re not suffering from an active acne breakout, the scars of past breakouts can be just as unsightly, leading to the same level of discomfort and self-consciousness.  The good news is skin does repair itself, diminishing the appearance of scars.  With routine care you can not only reduce the appearance of scarring further, you can even prevent future breakouts from occurring, effectively stopping additional scars from appearing.  While you’re waiting for your scars to fade why not use some of the tricks made famous by professional makeup artists? With the right makeup and techniques, you can even conceal large birthmarks.


Proper Skin Care
Products rich in alpha-hydroxy acids will exfoliate the top layer of the skin, promoting the growth of fresh, new skin beneath.  Exfoliate two to three times a week with an alpha-hydroxy scrub to slough off the tough, discolored surface skin of scars, and follow with a soothing moisturizer and sunscreen. A good, strong sunscreen is necessary and cannot be skipped because exfoliation makes the skin vulnerable to further damage from the sun.


Foundation For An Even Base

Choose a foundation from a trusted brand to get the maximum coverage, and maek sure that it closely matches your skin tone, or pick up two colors and blend them if necessary to find a perfect match.  Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help and advice if you have difficulty choosing the right color of foundation. For additional skin tone correction, you can buy concealers with corrective color undertones.


The concealer you choose should also come from a trusted brand, cream concealers are ideal for hiding scars, simply select a shade that’s a touch lighter than your natural tone. Regardless of what brand you choose for your foundation and concealer, make sure the formula is matte and only matte.  Formulas that contain shimmer and reflective ingredients will actually draw attention to your scars rather than cover the problem with a flat, even finish.

  • Using a cosmetic sponge, tear the sponge in half then apply concealer over scars you’d like to conceal.  Use a stippling motion to apply the concealer with the sponge, starting with a little product and adding more as needed.  The rough texture of the torn sponge will help place product into the nooks and crannies of your skin, build up product slowly to create a smooth, even surface for a flawless finish.
  • Apply a small amount  at a time. Otherwise it will look obvious and can make the scars appear worse


Once you’ve neutralized the appearance of discoloration and scars, follow with a light application of foundation to blend it all together.  Take your time and apply carefully to avoid wiping away all of the work you’ve already accomplished.


Powder For Scar Coverage

Powder acts as a fixative for makeup,.it is not used to hide scars.  Finishing with powder is still an important step, however, because it sets makeup in place, effectively preventing smearing and smudging. Another bonus is shine reduction which will call attention to discoloration and uneven skin tone.

  • For a natural look, use a light dusting loose translucent powderUse only enough to make your foundation appear matte, load up a powder puff with powder and then apply in a press-and-roll motion rather than wiping and rubbing which can cause makeup to smear.
  • Throughout the day use rice paper sheets to blot any excess oil.


In addition to this routine, make sure to get enough sleep at night as well as drink plenty of water.  Reducing sources of stress and following a healthy diet will also help you avoid future breakouts, keeping you from creating new scars as you work to minimize the scars of past breakouts.   No matter what sort of scars you suffer from, these techniques will work for you, simply build up color slowly, blend carefully and set with powder.

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