Makeup Tips For Dusky Complexion

Don’t feel bad if your complexion is dark or dusky. There is a reason to rejoice! It is proven that a dark skin is more resilient than fair skin becaue it contains more pigment (melanin) which allows dark-skinned ladies to spend more time in the sun without suffering damage.  So long as your skin is clear and healthy you’re bound to look beautiful regardless of the color of your skin.  Women with dark skin have yet another advantage when it comes to cosmetics, because they can wear just about any color and look absolutely amazing.  It all comes down to knowing what colors and products will enhance your natural beauty.


Colors That Suit A Dark, Dusky Complexion



Start with  a liquid or cream-based foundation. Try to use a water-based products as these provide a perfect matte finish. If you have yellow pigmentation in the skin avoid using foundation with orange undertones. To achieve flawless coverage, start with a good concealer from a brand you trust, followed by a sheer foundation that provides coverage that can be built up easily.  Though your concealer should be slightly lighter than your natural tone, your foundation should be a perfect match of your skin tone to unify the entire area of your face and neck. Always start with sheer coverage and build up layers as necessary since dark skin has a way of making heavy makeup really apparent and unflattering.



After applying the foundation set it in place with a light dusting of translucent powder.  A little goes a long way, so never use more than you need otherwise you may end up looking ashy.  Instead, load up a powder puff with powder, then apply powder with a light press-and-roll motion only in the places where you’re most likely to shine.  Cheeks, forehead, nose and chin are the usual hot spots.


Peachy and brown shades tend to look muddy on dark skin, so reach for light, soft colors for your blush.  Deep orange, rose and coral are very flattering colors and anything that’s shot through with bits of gold pigment will look amazing when you want to dress for a night out.



Lips are probably the easiest as you really don’t need a whole lot of additional color, simply apply a tinted gloss that matches your natural color.  If you want something a little more bold for a formal occasion then reach for any shade of berry, plum, or wine that suits your skin tone.


Ladies with dusky skin can also wear a classic red lip without looking clownish, simply pair your chosen color with a lip liner a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone.  This transition between liner and lip color will not only enhance the shape of your mouth but also keep the color from looking unnatural.

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