Makeup Tips for Small Eyes: Enlarges Your Eyes!

If you have small eyes like me, then you know how frustrating it can be to mimic the looks demonstrated by our favorite beauty gurus.  Too much color and my already small eyes look positively beady.  Not enough color and my eyes look dull and lifeless.  Balance can be achieved, it just takes some practice and knowing what colors will open up the area to make your eyes look larger. There are handy makeup tricks to emphasize any and all eye shapes, even tips for small eyes like my own, it’s just a matter of knowing how to apply what works.  If you’ve been struggling with defining your eyes without diminishing their size, keep reading for some handy tips to leave your eyes looking big and beautiful.


Reduce Swelling and Puffiness

Seasonal allergies and other environmental factors can leave eyes swollen, puffy and irritated.  Even while you sleep the fluids in your body settle, especially in the area around the eyes, leaving you with puffiness when you wake.  Reduce swelling and puffiness with a cold compress – place two teabags in a glass of cold water for ten minutes, then place over your eyes and rest for fifteen minutes.  If you don’t have any teabags handy a small bag of frozen vegetables will do in a pinch.  I happen to like the under-eye roller by Garnier, it’s great for combating puffiness and the serum-like formula is amazing for diminishing the appearance of dark circles over time.


Hide Imperfections

Dark circles under the eyes can diminish the size of your eyes, causing them to look even smaller.  A light application of concealer beneath the eyes can make a significant difference in enhancing the size and shape of your eyes.  Some ladies, like myself, need a little extra help in the form of a color corrector applied before concealer.  If you’ve got purple or blue shadows under your eyes, a pink-based corrector will help neutralize the problem, creating a more-evenly colored surface for the application of your concealer.


The Shade Of Your Shadow

While it’s true you should emphasize your eye color by selecting a shadow hue that contrasts with your natural color, too much color can diminish the size of your eyes.  Instead apply this contrasting color heaviest at the outer corners, and only as a defining color.  For all over color, sweep a neutral tone across the whole of your lid, choose something as close to your natural skin tone as possible to really open up the area and make your eyes appear larger.  Avoid heavy applications of dark colors, since darker colors will cause your eyes to recede and appear smaller.


Lengthen Lashes

Curling your eyelashes is the fastest and easiest way to open up your eyes. Follow with two coats of carefully applied mascara.  When sweeping mascara onto the lashes try to fan your lashes out at the corners and straight up at the middle, this fan-like application will create the illusion of wider, brighter eyes.  Keep your liner application to a minimum, defining only the outer corner of the upper lashes as needed.  If lining the lower lashes as well, make sure to not connect the lines at the outer corner, leaving this small space open will create the appearance of larger eyes.


We small-eyed gals may face a challenge when applying makeup to enhance and flatter our features, but it doesn’t have to be a major headache.  Lose that black liner, sister, it’s not doing you any favors.  Swap it out instead for a smokey gray or navy blue hue instead, this small change will make  a big difference without being overly noticeable.

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