Smokey Cat Eye Makeup: Sizzling And Smokey Effect!

Smokey cat eyes can be very alluring and attractive, especially when done the right way! This easy look has always been around, but we’re seeing the trend gain new levels of popularity because of celebrities like Kate Hudson, Taylor Swift and Adele who wear a smokey cat eye so often it’s become part of their signature style.  You can achieve this glamorous look at home with just a few products.  Day or night, subtle or extreme, the smokey cat eye fits right in, adapts effortlessly and looks simply amazing.  Smokey cat eyes can be done in a soft or dramatic manner using subtle colors like dark khaki, burgundy and light gray.

The main requirements for this look are:

  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Cake eyeliner in Black
  • Q-tips
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Black mascara
  • Chubby pencils in dark shades
  • Dark color eye shadow
  • A good eyebrow pencil
  • Fake lashes, such as Ardel Demi Whisps. Or try individual lashes for a more natural look.
  • Highlight shimmer
  • Cosmetic wipes



  • Start by using a chubby pencil. Draw a soft smudgy line by applying deft stroke from the front corner to the end of your eyelash line. Perfection isn’t important at this point, we’re just placing color for now.
  • Gently blend the edges with a q-tip or fluffy blending brush.
  • Keep the darkest color confined to the outer corner of the eyes, winged up slightly at the corner to establish the beginnings of the cat eye shape.
  • With a mid-toned shadow, sweep color across the lower portion of the lid, up to the crease, covering the smudged pencil placed earlier.  This application of shadow will not only soften the appearance of the smudged pencil, it will also set it in place to avoid creasing and smearing.
  • Don’t worry if your shadow looks a little uneven from one eye to the next, we’re going to fix that right now with this easy trick that makes the smokey cat eye practically fool proof.  Take one of your cosmetic wipes, fold it in half, place it at the outer corner of your eye angled up towards your temple, now slide the cosmetic wipe away from your eye, up towards your temple.  This will remove excess product and leave behind a sharp, perfectly angled wing at the outer corner.
  • Create an awesome cat eye with the cake eyeliner, keeping the line thickest at the outer corner and thinnest at the inner corner.
  • If you’re not very confident with your cake liner abilities, create a guideline with a pencil eyeliner and go over it with the heavier product to set the line in place.
  • Curl your eyelashes using a curler and then apply a two coats of mascara.
  • Clean up any other product that may have fallen around your eyes during application and finish with foundation, concealer and powder.


Keep the rest of your face simple with a soft blush in a rosey-peach hue and a lightly tinted gloss on the lips.  When done in soft, subtle colors this smokey cat eye looks fresh and pretty for all ages and occasions.

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