Celebrity Makeup Tips: You Can Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous Too

Next time you compare yourself to a celebrity, try to remind yourself that these ladies have professional makeup artists standing by to make them look flawless. Professional makeup artists create magic as they transform flawed, plain looking faces into works of art, using all the best techniques and products to turn a plain Jane into a drop-dead diva.  You only need to see one magazine cover exposing famous people without makeup to know that these gals are women just like yourself, suffering from the same skin nightmares. You don’t have to be a celebrity to benefit from the wisdom of a professional makeup artist, with a little time and practice you can appear every bit as flawless as your favorite stars.


  • Celebrities suffer from bad skin, dark circles and puffiness too, which is why professional makeup artists like to apply cream concealer to effected areas with a fluffy eye-shadow brush.
  • Brushes are great for the initial application of concealer, go over it lightly with a fingertip to ensure the product has been well-blended.
  • Apply concealer in thin layers until the blemish is fully covered.


  • Use an eyeshadow primer or foundation on the eyelids. This creates a smooth surface for your shadow, allowing the pigments to really pop and last while also avoiding creasing.
  • Eyeshadow doesn’t have to be complicated to be attractive, simply select three shades of the same color family (medium green, light green and dark green) while neutral tones look great on everyone (dark brown, beige and brown).
  • Apply the lightest shade on the brow bone, medium shade on the lid and darkest shade in the eye’s crease along the socket of the eye. This simply variation on the traditional smokey eye really emphasize eyes and makes them stand out.


  • You can maximize the curl and length of your eyelashes by curling them. Then apply mascara for a high-definition look. Most celebrity makeup artists use two coats of mascara- the first coat is a separating or lengthening formula and the second coat is a thickening formula.
  • You can also use false eyelashes or eyelash extensions for maximizing your eyelash potential. If a full strip of lashes is a bit cumbersome to deal with, snip the strip into smaller sections then apply individually.



  • You can use lip-pumping products like LipFusion and City Lips for the oomph factor!
  • Also MAC lipliner in Spice is the most sought after lipliner shade which closely resembles your natural lip color.
  • A dot of shimmery lip gloss applied to the very center of the bottom lip will make your lips appear fuller and more voluptuous.


Knowing the “tricks of the trade” will help you feel more confident in your makeup application, which can lead to you feeling more confident and beautiful all around.  Really it just takes a bit of practice, in time you’ll be applying makeup like a pro.

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