Find Those Cheek Bones: Makeup Tips For Round Faces

Ladies with round faces have it easy, their soft, feminine features are often associated with eternal youth and cherubic innocence.  Of course, all those things which make round-faced women so soft and naturally beautiful also lead to considerable frustration as these women tend to lack the sharp, defined features they desire.  Makeup can certainly help with this, whether your goal is to elongate your face optically, or to create definition through subtle shading and highlighting.


Lightning Fast Contouring-

First and foremost,  find a foundation that matches your skin tone, then pick up another foundation two shades darker.  The foundation that matches your skin tone is your all-over color, apply this with your fingers, a damp makeup sponge, or a foundation brush for quick, even coverage. Next, dot on the darker shade of foundation in the areas you wish to create definition, this includes the temples, sides of the face, under the chin and down the neck, as well as the hollows of the cheeks.  Blend this darker shade into your foundation for a smooth, even finish and you should already see a noticeable difference in how round your face appears. Further contouring can be done around the nose for increased definition and sharpness.


Chisel Your Cheeks

Brozer can also dramatically change the appearance of your round face, simply sweep across the same areas you’ve applied your dark foundation.  Using a fluffy brozer brush, apply matte brozer in a 3-shape pattern that spans from your forehead, across the temples, along the hollows of the cheeks and under the chin.  Placing bronzer in all the places where the sun would naturally kiss your face leaves your face looking thinner and your features more defined.  Finish with a dab of highlighter across your cheekbones to really complete the effect.


Heavier contouring can be achieved with the use of cream concealers applied before your foundation, the carefully blended for a natural appearance.  Whether you desire subtle contouring or a dramatic transformation, knowing where on your face to apply shadows and highlight will make a significant difference in the overall effect.   These same techniques can be used for every day makeup, as well as occasions when something more extreme may be needed.

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