Get Megan Fox’s Makeup “ Six Simple Steps To Look Like The Diva!

Megan Fox is one sexy brunette bombshell who looks similar to Angelina Jolie – right down to the same cat-like eyes and famous, pouty lips. Even her slinky wardrobe choices and tattoos draw comparisons to Angelina Jolie. Sans her eccentric behavior, you can steal her alluring appeal with these makeup tricks and be an almost-exact replica of Megan Fox! Follow these simple makeup tips to look like the sexy diva:


Step 1

Megan Fox is known for her classic pinup, old Hollywood look, but this is not the typical bottled blonde bombshell look that most people associate with pinup and old Hollywood.  Essentially the color palette is simple and nude.  Dewy, creamy, and flawless are what we are looking for. To get an even, uniformly creamy complexion, use a concealer before applying foundation.


Step 2

Apply a light translucent powder to set and finish your face. Usually Megan Fox avoids applying any cheek color or blush, so keep your cheeks as natural as possible. . If your makeup is looking blotchy or washed out, then apply a peachy or neutral color on the apples of your cheeks. No need to contour or really sculpt the cheekbones, remember we’re going for a nude look.


Step 3

Use a natural lip color for a matte effect. The best way to achieve Megan Fox lips are by putting on lipstick and blotting it with tissue. You can also achieve this look by simply lining your lips and filling in with the lipliner only. Avoid using a lipgloss or anything that will create a lot of shine, the idea is too look naturally gorgeous not heavily made up.


Step 4


Megan Fox has naturally beautiful eyes and her makeup artist’s simple color and shading to emphasize and enhance them. Cover the lid area with a natural, light colored shade, preferably something that matches your natural skin tone. Then apply a highlight immediately under the brow bone.  Blend carefully for a soft, subtly smoked cat-eye effect.


Step 5

The most important part of Megan Fox’s signature eye makeup is the eyeliner.  Essentially you’ll be creating a soft, smokey cat-eye, so keep the liner close to the lash line, but don’t focus too heavily on perfection. Layer dark brown shadow over your liner to soften the line and smoke it out a bit, repeating as necessary along the bottom lashes and at the outer corner to build up the level of definition designed. Finish with curled lashes, two coats of mascara, and small sections of false lashes added at the outer corners of the eyes.


Step 6

Megan Fox has a very well-defined eyebrow, and though her signature eyeliner is the most instantly recognizable it’s the defined brow which pulls the entire look together and gives it the classic pinup feel. Shape your brows in a nice arch and fill in with a dark eyeshadow.


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