Makeup Tips for Pale Skin

Choosing the correct shade of makeup for a fair complexion can be tricky. There are certain shades those with fair skin should always avoid. Choosing a shade that is too light will give a washed out look, and choosing a color that is too dark will create a mask.

By learning a few makeup tricks,  can easily hide flaws and shine like a true diva! You should always keep in mind that your eye color, hair color and skin tone also play a role in what shades of makeup will work best. The key is to find out what exactly works for your complexion.

Foundation for Pale Skin

It is very difficult to find a sheer foundation for fair skin. You should ensure that the color matches your skin tone perfectly. There are very few companies that make foundations specifically for pale skin. The best alternative is to use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. If your skin naturally has a reddish hue, you should choose a yellow or beige-based moisturizer to minimize the redness of the skin.

Concealer for Concealing Marks

Blood vessels underneath your eyes are likely to be visible as the thin skin around your eyes can become translucent. Try using a yellow-based concealer to even out your skin tone. Remember that the concealer should be of a lighter shade than the foundation.

Emphasize Your Eyes

Soft tones like navy, white, grey as well as lavender, and chocolate browns look great on pale skin. Olive can work on some pale skin tones depending on your eye and hair color. Generally, those with blue eyes should avoid olive eye shadows.

Alluring Lips

The advantage of having a fair skin is the versatility that is avaialle with lip color. Pale skin looks great with deep red and bright colored lipsticks as well as soft colors like corals and all shades of pink.

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