Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

While there were once few options for those with dark skin, cosmetic companies are not manufacturing makeup lines for men and women with dark skin tones.

Evening Skin Tone

Here are a few simple steps for creating an even skin tone:

  1. Wash the face with a gentle cleanser
  2. Apply moisturizer
  3. Apply primer. Primers come in a variety of colors as well as in a clear form. If you skin has an obvious reddish, or olive hue, a colored primer is the best choice. The color of the primer should be the complementary (or opposite) of your skin color. (For example, if your skin has a reddish hue, you should choose a green primer, and if your skin has a olive hue, a pink primer would be best).
  4. Use concealer on any blemishes or dark circles
  5. Blend foundation over the entire face, taking care to blend into the hairline, across the jaw bone and onto the neck in order to give a natural appearance
  6. Finish with a dusting of powder for long lasting results


Helpful Hints: Foundation should be subtle. Test several foundations in order to find the perfect match. When testing colors on your hand, take into account that the skin on your hand is typically darker than your face.  Be subtle with your foundation. Try using lightly tinted or translucent foundation.

Eye Makeup

You should use bright and powdery eye shadow for your eye makeup. Shades like prunes, copper, burgundy and dark browns are perfect for dark skin. To be a little more adventurous, try out dark metallic colors.

Blush for Your Cheeks

You should use blush to highlight your cheek bones. You can choose deep orange shades, rose or coral shades. Avoid using peach and brown shades. For a glamorous look, add gold tone shimmer to your blush.

Luscious Lips

You should avoid using frost finish lipsticks as they can contrast your natural skin tone a bit too much and create a look that is a bit too loud. Matte finish lipstick is the perfect choice for dark complexions. Shades like plums, browns, berry and burgundy are recommended for dark skin.

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