Refreshing Eye Makeup Tips for Summer

Are you sick of eye shadow creasing and smudging during the summer months? Here are a few tips to keep your makeup flawless in the sweltering heat.

Glow in the sun

You should first choose makeup products that can handle the heat and retain a fresh look. Waterproof or long wearing mascara ensure long lasting results and are completely streak proof. You can also do away with liquid liners as they tend to form streaks. Pencil eyeliners are a great alternative to liquid liners in the summer. Skip the eye shadow or choose a powdered shadow as it will absorb moisture better than a cream shadow.

False lashes are a great option for summer nights out. The attention is drawn to the lashes and eye shadow is unnecessary.

Go easy on the eyes as they tend to smudge with perspiration. First, line the upper eye lash line with the pencil eyeliner. Sweep a bit of light eye shadow over the liner. This will give it a more subtle appearance and will make the liner last a bit longer. If eye shadow is applied from lash line to brow then it is more likely to form a crease or cake in the summer heat. Darker shades tend to bleed more and these imperfections can become quite obvious. Try to avoid using mascara and eyeliner on the lower eye lashes as they are prone to runny streaks in the sweaty heat. Also avoid using Kohl pencils as they smudge.

Always remember to set the eye makeup with a light dusting of loose powder. This helps in absorbing moisture and gives a sheen to your face. You will look fresh as a daisy!

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