Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Green eyes come in a variety of colors – from pale jade to forest green to turquoise blue-green. The trick is choosing eye makeup colors that work best with your shade of green eyes. You can highlight and accentuate the lovely emerald color by following a few makeup tips.

Colors to Avoid

You must completely avoid blue as it doesn’t do justice to green eyes. Avoid using any shades of blue as well as those that have blue undertones (pinks or purples). Avoid silver as it complements blue eyes much better.

Choosing an Eyeshadow

Different shades of brown are most popular for green eyes. Chocolate tones are the best choices for eye shadow colors. Dark greens and browns with gold or copper flecks add a bit of glamour. You can also try taupes and apricots as highlighters.

The following shades also suit green eyes: gold/bronze/copper, metallics, plums and dark purples

Helpful Hint

You should always focus on warm colors and avoid cool colors as warm tones make green eyes pop.

Simple Steps You Can Follow

  • You should first apply a highlighter to the entire eye. Apply from the crease to the brow bone.
  • Next, apply an apricot or taupe shade to the entire eyelid. Blend with the highlighter.
  • Apply a third color (copper, dark green, chocolate brown, etc. in the outer corners of the eyes and into the crease.
  • Finally, you should apply mascara and eyeliner as usual. Black, brown and deep purple liners all work well for green eyes.

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