Airbrush Makeup Tips

Applying airbrush makeup is very different from applying regular makeup.. Airbrush makeup works by adding a bit of water or silicon fluid to powdered makeup. The first airbrush makeup was applied on the huge star cast of the Hollywood movie, Ben Hur. Airbrush makeup is now used to create classic looks, as well as in prosthetics, alien makeup and in science fiction movies.

Slowly, airbrush makeup has become a popular art form in the Hollywood studios. It also includes tanning, fantasy makeup, body art and temporary body tattoos. Airbrush makeup creates a flawless complexion. You feel as if you have a new layer of skin. This form of makeup has long been popular in magazines.

Applying Airbrush Makeup – Few Tips

You can now buy airbrush makeup kits for personal use. Your first attempt in applying airbrush makeup will be an adventure. A few practice sessions are necessary because learning to control the flow as well as speed of the application can be dicey at times.

  • Always wear an old t-shirt or a towel around your shoulders before you begin applying airbrush makeup in order to avoid stains on clothing. Don’t forget to wash your face with a mild cleanser. Also apply a light moisturizer before applying makeup.
  • Sweep the airbrush gun steadily until you cover all the areas evenly. Wait for couple of minutes for the makeup to dry and set completely before moving on to additional colors and layers. Avoid keeping the spray gun in one place as it will deposit too much makeup in one area.

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