How to Apply Makeup to Achieve a Natural Look?

Makeup does not have to be overdone in order to properly enhance features. Likewise. If you’re going for a natural look, it isn’t necessary to completely forgo makeup altogether.

Here are few tips which you can learn to keep your face lovely and glowing without resorting to heavy makeup.  First, choose one area of the face to highlight and keep this area the darkest (for example, if you wish to highlight the eyes, use only a clear gloss or a nude shade of lip color to keep the lips subtle).


Many women tend to go overboard with concealer and foundation in an attempt to hide imperfections. This results in a cracked face appearance. You can learn a few makeup tricks to make your face look natural while also managing to hide blemishes.

  • Opt for a tinted moisturizer. This type of moisturizer blends well and evens out the skin without appearing heavy like a traditional foundation.
  • If you are looking for a heavier coverage, then use a bit of concealer to dot over blemishes and dark spots. For a lighter look, you can finish with a tinted moisturizer.
  • Use concealers with yellow undertones as they are quite effective in hiding blemishes while using little product.


  • To enhance lashes without creating a dramatic look, use a clear mascara to add a bit of length and volume.
  • For a natural boost, lightly apply foundation to your eyelids.
  • Choose light eye shadows that enhance your natural eye color. Neutrals work well for achieving a natural look (e.g. light pinks for fair skin and beige for medium to darker tones).


  • Completely avoid super glossy or glittery lipsticks. Use neutral lip colors, let gloss stand alone, or simply apply a lip balm to keep lips looking full and healthy.

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