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Find-Those-Cheek-Bones-Makeup-Tips-For-Round-Faces Find Those Cheek Bones: Makeup Tips For Round Faces

Ladies with round faces have it easy, their soft, feminine features are often associated with eternal youth and cherubic innocence.  Of course, all those things […]

make-up Celebrity Makeup Tips: You Can Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous Too

Next time you compare yourself to a celebrity, try to remind yourself that these ladies have professional makeup artists standing by to make them look […]

cat-eyed-makeup Smokey Cat Eye Makeup: Sizzling And Smokey Effect!

Smokey cat eyes can be very alluring and attractive, especially when done the right way! This easy look has always been around, but we’re seeing […]

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes: Enlarges Your Eyes!

If you have small eyes like me, then you know how frustrating it can be to mimic the looks demonstrated by our favorite beauty gurus.  […]

Ancient Greek Makeup

Greek women are often praised for their beauty, perhaps due to the manner in which these ladies seized the idea of using makeup to complement […]

Makeup Tips For Dusky Complexion

Don’t feel bad if your complexion is dark or dusky. There is a reason to rejoice! It is proven that a dark skin is more […]

Extreme Eye Makeup: Made Easy

You don’t have to be a runway model, drag queen or entertainer to wear extreme eye makeup.  Sure, some of the examples we’re shown are […]

How To Hide Scars Using Makeup?

Even if you’re not suffering from an active acne breakout, the scars of past breakouts can be just as unsightly, leading to the same level […]

5 Minutes Make Up

Whether you’re a student, mom, or busy woman on the go, you know that sometimes five minutes is all you have to from drab to […]

60s MakeUp: The Age of The Flower Power

During the 60s in the United States whose 70 million pre-teens underwent that hormone induced, radical, year-ong agony called adolescence. Post-war there was a stability […]